Monday, March 22, 2010

Past Projects while waiting for sewing machine repair!

I made this small purse from a piece of fabric in my stash. It is denim with embroidered details and a few sequins. It's a nice size to take to a conference or shopping or anywhere that I don't feel like carrying a regular size purse. I put 2 pleats in the bottom and elastic on the top of opening. This way it's not a flat purse and I can actually carry quite a bit in it.....wallet, keys, cell phone, sunglasses. It has two pockets inside for cell phone and whatever. I even put a pocket on the back where I can slip notes to myself, tickets, etc. For safety, the strap is long enough to cross over my shoulder to opposite side. If I don't want to carry it on my shoulder, I tie a loose knot in the strap to make the strap shorter to carry by hand and it still looks cute.

I really like the fabric and I have a lot left. I don't know what I originally bought it for but I like what I did with it. Back to the stash bin goes the extra!


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  1. Didn't you originally buy it to make a skirt? hehe